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     Retired Judge W. Wyatt McKay was elected Judge of the Court of Common Pleas for Trumbull County in 1987 at the age of 37. He served Trumbull County in that position for 36 years, retiring in December of 2022. During his tenure on the bench, he was chosen by his judicial colleagues for the position of Presiding Judge and Administrative Judge numerous times. 

     Prior to his tenure on the bench, retired Judge McKay was a trial lawyer for 13 years. Thus, he is familiar with the problems that busy trial lawyers encounter and confront daily. He has now retired from that position and opened a private mediation and alternative dispute resolution business involving areas such as binding arbitration, voluntary mediation, court mandated mediation, as well as other conflicts. He is also taking assignments in various courts as visiting judge for vacations, conflicts, illness, etc.

     Retired Judge McKay is very familiar with pressures that may exist for trial lawyers to dispose of cases in accordance with the Rules of Superintendence and will make every effort to aid the parties in trying to resolve their matters within those parameters. 
Retired Judge McKay has presided over an extremely wide range of cases during his 36 years on the bench as a general division judge and tried a large variety of cases in his law career. He has received the Ohio Judicial College certificate for Fundamentals of Mediation and brings a wealth of knowledge as well as practical application to resolving disputes of every type.

     Retired Judge McKay has been approved by the Chief Justice to sit by assignment for all courts of common pleas and municipal courts statewide.

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